I may have un-followed your blog

If I have followed your blog, but then un-followed your blog, I’m sorry, and I can explain.

My parents have made a rule that I can only be on devices on the Weekend. First off, I know it’s Friday, but my parents letting me and my Siblings be on it today.

Anyway, when I get on my kindle and get on WordPress, I followed a lot of blogs, and I can’t read all of their posts. That is why I decided to get rid of the ones I don’t read much anymore, and keep the ones I read most of the time.

So, please forgive me, and maybe I’ll follow your blog again later in the future.


Quintus theme has been retired

Lately, Quintus theme has been retired. It was another theme that I really love. Farewell, Quintus. You will be missed.

Also, there is a blogger who uses this theme called Cristian Mihai. I’ve talked about him before, and he’s continuing reblogs until Sunday.

Okay, I have had enough of WordPress retiring themes 😡

Retro MacOS. Chalkboard. Château. What do these themes have in common?

They’re retired.

And another thing they have in common. They’re one of my favorite wordpress themes. As you all know, I have a really big blogging problem. So I just make blogs for myself a lot, and yes, I’m able to work on them all. Anyway, when I’m planning on making a blog, I probably have a theme in mind. In this case, I made a blog called The History Comedian (which isn’t available right now), and I wanted to use the Chalkboard theme for my blog, and guess what;

It’s retired.

I made this blog once called The Sci-fi depository, and I wanted to use the Château theme, and guess what;

It’s retired.

Once I wanted to use the Retro Mac OS theme for a computer blog (the blog didn’t work out, so I deleted it), and guess what;

It’s retired.


People who work at WordPress, if you’re reading this, and if you’re the ones who are able to retire old themes, PLEASE STOP! They’re may be people (like me), who want to use those kind of themes. Look, I’m not trying to be rude, but I’d really love it if you’d stop retiring themes, plus bring back the retired themes. If you bring the retired themes back, and stop retiring themes, then you’d have even more choices for future and present bloggers to make, meaning more people will make wordpress blogs.

And if it’s the creators who retire the themes, then deactivate that ability, and tell them to rehire the themes again.

And if anyone who blogs Discover, then please put this post on your blog, so people can see my message and help do something about it.

I thank everybody who is reading this post.

And if you own a wordpress theme,