The family line of Jesus Christ

Matthew 1 1:17

This is the list of ancestors of jesus Christ, Descendant of David and Abraham.

Abraham was the father of Isaac,

Isaac The father of Jacob,

Jacob The father of Judah and his brothers.

Judah and Tamar were the father and mother of Perez and Zerah.

Perez was the father of Heston,

Hezron The father of Ram,

Ram The father of Amminadab,

Amminadab The father of Nashon,

Nashon The father of Salmon.

Salmon and Rahab were the father and mother of Boaz.

Boaz and Ruth were the father and mother of Obed.

Obed was the father of Jesse,

Jesse  The father of King David.

David and Uriah’s wife Bathseba were the father and mother of Solomon.

Solomon was the father of Rehoboam,

Rehoboam The father of Abijah,

Abijah  The father of Asa,

Asa the father of Jehoshaphat,

Jehoshaphat The father of Joram,

Joram The father of Uzziah,

Uzziah The father of Jotham,

Jotham The father of Ahaz,

Ahaz The father of Hezekiah,

Hezekiah The father of Manasseh,

Manasseh The father of Amon,

Amon The father of Josiah.

Josiah was the father of Jechoniah and his brothers.

They lived at the time when the people were exiled to Babylon.

After the the exile to Babylon,

Jechoniah became the father of Shealtiel.

Shealtiel was the father of Zerubbabel,

Zerubbabel The father of AvoId,

Abiud The father of Eliakim,

Eliakim The father of Azor,

Azor The father of Zadok,

Zadok The father of Achim,

Achim The father of Eliud,

Eleazar The father of Matthan,

Matthan The father of Jacob.

Jacob was the father of Joseph, who was the husband of Mary.

Mary was the mother of Jesus, who is called Christ.

So there were

14 generations from Abraham to David,

14 generations from David until the exile to Babylon,

14 generations from the exile until the Messiah.

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Comparing a classic book to the story of Jesus

​You’ve all heard of or read the the 2nd book in the chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, Whitch, and the wardrobe. Some of you have watched the movie. Either it’s the classic one made from Disney, or the really old version of the book that literally shows that the animals are played by humans, or just the book, everybody has heard of the book. But some people probably don’t know this:

The book is based on a story from the Bible.

And best part, the story is the story of jesus!

It makes since, though. Aslan is Jesus, the stone table resembles the cross, Jadis (the witch) is Satan (in the form of a female), and when Jadis (satan) killed Aslan (Jesus) on the stone table (The cross), it resembled Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, so he could save us.

And when Aslan (Jesus) came back from the dead, it resembled when Jesus resurrected from the dead. And Susan and Emily Pevensie went to see Aslan at the stone table but found the stone table split in two, without Aslan on it, it resembled The women who went to see Jesus in his tomb, but found the boulder covering the entrance to the tomb moved and Jesus’ body nowhere to be seen (Although I’m pretty sure there was more than 2 women that went to see Jesus).

That’s all I can make out of the book, but this probably shows that C. S. Lewis was a Christian, bringing the story of jesus and how he died for our sins into a story of entertainment.

Another story in disguise?

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