Me miss you, Carrie Fisher

​Today, on December 27, 2016, Carrie Fisher died. Millions of fans mourned over the loss of the Princess Leia. Well, I didn’t, but the news hit me like crazy. I began to worry; who’s next? Mark Hamill? Harrison Ford? And I was very sad.

We will continue to be sad every year, as December 27 comes by.

MTFBWY, Carrie Fisher.

BTW: I watched Rogue One in Theaters the same day Carrie Fisher died. Intergalactic Coincidence.


Movie Review: Descendants 2

Best Descendants movie so far!

I have been waiting for this movie for this movie for over a month now, and now it’s finally here!

Like I said above, it is the best Descendants movie so far! It had everything I wanted; Pirates, Sword fights, New characters, New songs, songs for the villain kids, tons of humor, and Pirates. Oh, and one more thing:


I love Pirates.

This may seem weird, but I went to the Pirates side in this movie. They have the coolest clothes, all the nasty swords, pirate ships, and when they say, “It’s a Pirates life every single day”, they’re saying that it’s nothing but adventure and fun every day. But that’s not the only reason why I’m on the villain kids side:


She was just so funny, so cute, just excited all the time, I don’t know who to call her: A Mini-Cinderella or a Mini-Evie. Maybe both.

Now, I’m not saying I would want to be a villain. I’m happy the good guys won, the Pirates just had the funny little girl and the cool pirate clothes.

When Mal and Ben and everybody was dancing, I thought the ending could have been better. But it continued, and it was even better.

I’d love to continue, but I don’t want to spoil anything in this review.

Grade: I give this movie and A+

Thanks for reading this review.

Good bye, and remember:

Long Live Evil!

Do you like Disney Descendants?

On my blog, Andy the Disney geek, I have been blogging a lot about Disney Descendants lately. And since I know so much about Disney Descendants, why not make a blog about it?
So I did.

Right now it has 6 posts, 5 views, 0 followers, and I only have one post that has likes.

I’d really appreciate it if you actually click the link down below and look at a couple of my posts.

If you don’t think you’ll like Descendants, this song may make you like it.

I have an about page now!

I’ve worked on this blog for two months now, and haven’t really had time to work on my about page. But today I was working on my latest blog (who doesn’t love Disney’s Descendants?) And I was working on the about page (don’t know why, just thought I had a good Idea for it. But while I was making it, I noticed that it was perfect for an about page for this blog. So now we have an about page

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Descendants 2! So excited!

​When I watched Descendants, it was really good. And now that they’re making a Descendants 2, I was really excited! Descendants gives a chance to actually find out what the most terrible Disney villains were up to after their defeat in the movies; turns out, they had children! And since Ben, son of Belle and Beast*, he decides to let a couple children from the Isle of the Lost, home of the Disney villains and their children, come to his home, and they begin to learn how to be good. And if you have not watched the movie (Sorry about the spoilers), the kids leave the Isle of the Lost, not the parents.

But their parents want them to go so their kids can steal the fairy Godmother’s wand, so the Force field keeping the villains in the Isle of the Lost, can be lifted and the villians can be free. But in the end, the kids want to be good, and they defeat        , and Mal gets Ben, and they become a couple.

Okay, now let’s just watch the trailer for Descendants 2, and I’ll make a prediction on what could happen.

Okay, first off, I loved this trailer, like, a lot. I like how they were spelling Descendants near to the end of the trailer, at least I think they were spelling Descendants. I think that it’s awesome that China from A.N.T Farm is going to be in the movie! If you are wondering who she will starring as, she will be starring as Uma, the daughter of Ursula. New characters that I know of is Gil, son of Gaston, and Harry, son of Captain hook. Huh, so Captain Hook has 2 children.

Wait a minute.

You don’t remember her?:


Anyway, here’s what I think going to happen in the movie, and then what I hope happens in the movie.

Mal is tired of being good, so she runs away back to the Isle of the Lost, where she finds her arch nemesis, Uma. Ben and the rest of the Descendants go to the Isle of the lost to look for Mal, only for Ben to be kidnapped by Uma, Harry, Gil, and Harry’s men. Uma is using him so Mal and her friends can give her the fairy godmothers wand so Uma and her friends can leave the Isle. So Mal can’t win, Mal and her friends think up a plan to stop her.

Now what I hope happens; I’m going to have to make a list for this:

I hope…

  1. Doug and Evie are in a relationship
  2. Ariel, Ursula, Captain Hook, Gaston, and King Triton are in the movie
  3. I hope I’m wrong and Uma wants Triton’s trident.

You can also find this post on my other blog, Andy the Disney geek.