Happy thanksgiving!

Yesterday was a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had Ham, Turkey, A bunch of rolls, and some sweet tea. I also had Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream.

We had Thanksgiving at my mom’s parents house. It was a lot of fun seeing my grandparents, my cousins, my aunt’s and uncles.

What about your Thanksgiving? Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? If you don’t, what do you celebrate? Please tell me in the comments down below.


after a Great day

The thing with a great day, is after you have you have a great day, you are tired, and why wouldn’t you? You did something fun, that day day was like a dream come true, and then you’re tired. And that’s the best way to end a great day; bedtime.

I had a great day today, and now I’m tired.

I may have un-followed your blog

If I have followed your blog, but then un-followed your blog, I’m sorry, and I can explain.

My parents have made a rule that I can only be on devices on the Weekend. First off, I know it’s Friday, but my parents letting me and my Siblings be on it today.

Anyway, when I get on my kindle and get on WordPress, I followed a lot of blogs, and I can’t read all of their posts. That is why I decided to get rid of the ones I don’t read much anymore, and keep the ones I read most of the time.

So, please forgive me, and maybe I’ll follow your blog again later in the future.

Something murderers don’t think about

I have been thinking, and I thought up something that murderers don’t think about. What if you killed the next president? The vice-president? What if that person was intended to become someone who changed the future?

 Even if they weren’t going to, that person may have had a family, who was going through hard times? Now, I’m not accusing anybody of being a murderer, but I had just thought this.

The Kitchen was dirty

You didn’t have to look closely to seethe dirty dishes that should have been done years ago. The trash can smelled like a rotten corpse, and right next to the trash can, was a rotting corpse. On the table, what was left of the food was being eaten away by the maggots.

Hey everybody. I’m learning about details in ELA at school, so I’m sorry if I grossed you out. Also I thinking about a career as a Writer.