The Imperial March in Major Key

When you hear the Imperial March, what do you think about? The Empire’s Anthem? Darth Vader’s Theme Song?Whatever it is, you usually think that something bad will happen. But what will happen if you play The Imperial March in Major Key? That is what Muted Vocal has done. Turns out, when you play The Imperial March in Major Key, the song actually sounds heroic. The video is literally called Vader’s Redemption. Here’s the video:

And here’s the Normal Imperial March:

Compare the two, if you want. Or just listen to them both.

Which video do you like better: Major Key or Normal? Please tell me in the comments down below and MTFBWY.


after a Great day

The thing with a great day, is after you have you have a great day, you are tired, and why wouldn’t you? You did something fun, that day day was like a dream come true, and then you’re tired. And that’s the best way to end a great day; bedtime.

I had a great day today, and now I’m tired.

Something murderers don’t think about

I have been thinking, and I thought up something that murderers don’t think about. What if you killed the next president? The vice-president? What if that person was intended to become someone who changed the future?

 Even if they weren’t going to, that person may have had a family, who was going through hard times? Now, I’m not accusing anybody of being a murderer, but I had just thought this.

The Kitchen was dirty

You didn’t have to look closely to seethe dirty dishes that should have been done years ago. The trash can smelled like a rotten corpse, and right next to the trash can, was a rotting corpse. On the table, what was left of the food was being eaten away by the maggots.

Hey everybody. I’m learning about details in ELA at school, so I’m sorry if I grossed you out. Also I thinking about a career as a Writer.


The Solar Eclipse

Today, I saw the Solar Eclipse! It was awesome! Where I’m from, it looked like a partial Eclipse, though. But it was was still awesome to watch.

We had to wear Eclipse glasses, so we wouldn’t get blinded by the eclipse.

I thought the sky was going to become totally dark, and we would see part of a total Solar Eclipse, but not complaining. I mean, it was the first Solar Eclipse I ever saw, so no harm imagining what it looks like.

Did you see the Eclipse? What was it like? Please tell me in the comments down below.

School starts tomorrow

Today is the last day of Summer. That’s right, I’m going to sixth grade tomorrow. I created many blogs; most of them people liked. This blog became a huge success. And now another summer will pass in a couple of hours. In about 7 or 8 hours, the summer will be gone, and 10 months of school will begin.

On the bright side, School ends earlier than Elementary school. And we get Binders! Yes! I’m going to have tons of fun at School!

Are you going to School? And if your are, are you excited about it? Please tell me in the comments down below.