Star Wars

I have been a Lifelong Star Wars fan since Kindergarten, when I first saw a Darth Vader toy at a relatives house. The Red sword raised up in the air, the cape flying high in the air, Darth Vader is the reason why I love Star Wars. I wanted to know where he’s from. Then the next day, I saw a box, with Darth Vader on it. On the back it was a picture of a guy holding up a shining sword, with the girl next to him with a gun, and two droids in the background. Then we watched the first movie, A new hope. 

The blue words appearing and then startling music, followed with yellow words scrolling up, was something I never saw in a movie before. Then the Ship chase, the fight with the white soldiers and the men with the big helmets followed. And then he came; Darth Vader. His appearance felt evil and mysterious, but I blame the music and the fact that the door was still smoking, so he was literally emerging from Smoke. So I don’t turn this whole post into a movie review, I’m going to continue. Then we watched the empire strikes back, the return of the Jedi, and then we watched the prequels. 

And I remember another time, when we were at the same relatives house, and we were all in the Living room, and then my Uncle opening the door, coming in, and telling us he found these movies, about the Ewoks. I remember a time when I was watching the return of the Jedi, and was thinking, “oh man, how cool would it be if I had an Ewok teddy bear?” I didn’t get one, though, but the Ewok movies were awesome.

And another time I remember is when I went on a mom and me time, where we went to Toys R us, and then Olive Garden, because I am also a Lifelong Pasta fan. At Toys R us, I got a Geoffrey the giraffe in an uncle Sam costume, the book Darth Vader and Son, and something truly amazing; The Star wars character encyclopedia! I loved that book! I remember looking at a page about one of the Naboo sea monster things in the Phantom menace. And fun fact, when we got home, I immediately went to watch the Phantom menace so I could find characters, and read about them. It failed, but I had fun.

Then years later, we were at the theater, when we saw what every Star Wars fan wants to see.

We saw a trailer for a new Star wars movie.

Boy, was I excited! And it was awesome. There was Kylo Ren, the first Order, FN-2187 (Finn) Han Solo, The Starkiller, the Rathars, it was a great movie! But it’s not the best star wars movie, because Han Solo died.

Then a year later we watched Rogue one, which is now one of my top 5 favorite Star wars films ever!

And now here I am. I now own two star wars blogs, and plan to blog a little bit about Star Wars here. I also own tons of Star wars toys. Are you a Star wars fan? Please tell me in the comments down below, and may the Force be with you.


Star wars?

I have a new blog, and it’s called The Imperial Wookie, and I was thinking, I know a lot about Star Wars, should I blog a little bit about Star wars too?

I know lots of people like Star wars, but so far, two posts have no likes on them. Maybe my readers don’t know about them, and maybe I need to make a new post. This post.

So yeah, I’m going to make  couple of Star wars posts now and then, and see how it goes.

Movie Review: Descendants 2

Best Descendants movie so far!

I have been waiting for this movie for this movie for over a month now, and now it’s finally here!

Like I said above, it is the best Descendants movie so far! It had everything I wanted; Pirates, Sword fights, New characters, New songs, songs for the villain kids, tons of humor, and Pirates. Oh, and one more thing:


I love Pirates.

This may seem weird, but I went to the Pirates side in this movie. They have the coolest clothes, all the nasty swords, pirate ships, and when they say, “It’s a Pirates life every single day”, they’re saying that it’s nothing but adventure and fun every day. But that’s not the only reason why I’m on the villain kids side:


She was just so funny, so cute, just excited all the time, I don’t know who to call her: A Mini-Cinderella or a Mini-Evie. Maybe both.

Now, I’m not saying I would want to be a villain. I’m happy the good guys won, the Pirates just had the funny little girl and the cool pirate clothes.

When Mal and Ben and everybody was dancing, I thought the ending could have been better. But it continued, and it was even better.

I’d love to continue, but I don’t want to spoil anything in this review.

Grade: I give this movie and A+

Thanks for reading this review.

Good bye, and remember:

Long Live Evil!