Quintus theme has been retired

Lately, Quintus theme has been retired. It was another theme that I really love. Farewell, Quintus. You will be missed.

Also, there is a blogger who uses this theme called Cristian Mihai. I’ve talked about him before, and he’s continuing reblogs until Sunday.


Do you like Disney Descendants?

On my blog, Andy the Disney geek, I have been blogging a lot about Disney Descendants lately. And since I know so much about Disney Descendants, why not make a blog about it?
So I did.

Right now it has 6 posts, 5 views, 0 followers, and I only have one post that has likes.

I’d really appreciate it if you actually click the link down below and look at a couple of my posts.


If you don’t think you’ll like Descendants, this song may make you like it.