My brother’s birthday!

Today is my brother’s birthday! He has turned 11!

Me and my family are proud to have him in our family!

If you want to see his blog, please go to the link down below:
What do you do on your birthday? When is your siblings birthday? Please tell me in the comments down below.


One of my classmates has a blog

​Because a friend of mine in class has a blog too.

And, she being a fan of Animal Jam, has made it an animal jam blog!

If you want to check it out, go to this link: The Jammers

Please check it out, because everytime I tell someone to check out somebody’s blog, they never seem to like any of the blogs I tell them about. If I was making a post about telling everyone to go to your blog, how would you feel if nobody checked the link?

She is a friend of mine at school, and I would really like it of you check out her blog, like, comment, and even follow. She hasn’t blogged since May 2017, but it’s still a really cool blog. It’s about this computer game called Animal Jam. Look it up.

Enjoy her blog.