The Solar Eclipse

Today, I saw the Solar Eclipse! It was awesome! Where I’m from, it looked like a partial Eclipse, though. But it was was still awesome to watch.

We had to wear Eclipse glasses, so we wouldn’t get blinded by the eclipse.

I thought the sky was going to become totally dark, and we would see part of a total Solar Eclipse, but not complaining. I mean, it was the first Solar Eclipse I ever saw, so no harm imagining what it looks like.

Did you see the Eclipse? What was it like? Please tell me in the comments down below.


4 comments on “The Solar Eclipse

  1. Bri Ollre says:

    Thought it was amazing. Only saw a partial (85%), but still super cool.

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  2. Saw it in totality in Idaho. Words suck to describe it.

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  3. Andy Pines says:

    I bet words more than suck when describing a Total Solar Eclipse


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