Do you like Disney Descendants?

On my blog, Andy the Disney geek, I have been blogging a lot about Disney Descendants lately. And since I know so much about Disney Descendants, why not make a blog about it?
So I did.

Right now it has 6 posts, 5 views, 0 followers, and I only have one post that has likes.

I’d really appreciate it if you actually click the link down below and look at a couple of my posts.

If you don’t think you’ll like Descendants, this song may make you like it.


Thorin Oakenshield quote by: GlorytoGodAlone

If you don’t know, I am a huge Tolkien fan. So I follow the Hobbit tag on my reader, and I came across a post from GlorytoGodAlone. It is a picture of Thorin Oakenshield, and a quote he said while he was dying. I can’t reblog on my kindle, so I just copied the image. Here it is:


After I read this post, I remembered a verse from Proverbs.

Wisdom is more precious than jewels, and all your desires can’t equal it.

– Proverbs 3:15

I know it’s talking about songs and food over gold, but please bear with me. It would be an even merrier place if we place Wisdom and God over Gold.

Thank you, GlorytoGodAlone for making this picture. It is a really cool picture, and I’m happy you followed my blog. I’ll be sure to browse around your blog as well.

I have an about page now!

I’ve worked on this blog for two months now, and haven’t really had time to work on my about page. But today I was working on my latest blog (who doesn’t love Disney’s Descendants?) And I was working on the about page (don’t know why, just thought I had a good Idea for it. But while I was making it, I noticed that it was perfect for an about page for this blog. So now we have an about page

You can find it on the menu, or you can find it on the link down below:

Swim is over. Now what?


I know I was supposed to blog about the swim team, but I forgot, and now the seasons over. And to tell the truth, I don’t really want to blog about it now.

So now to replace swim team, I’m going to blog about my favorite authors. You’ll see a lot of J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and Isaac Asimov posts. But I’ll blog about much more authors.


21 followers now!

I got 21 followers on my blog now! And now, I will do what I did last time; I will acknowledge the bloggers that I followed who then followed me later. Now, these are bloggers who followed my blog after I made the 14 followers post. There’s only two, so this may be a short post, but lets get on with it:

Dave Astor literature– by Dave Astor: He is actually both my latest follower and the latest blog I followed (and I love following new blogs, which is why the surprising number. He makes really good essays on Literature. I recommend this blog for Literature lovers and essay lovers.

Geeky Talk– by Hazziesof: need something geeky? Geeky talk’s got geeky. You will love reading the weekly hypes, and make sure you do it with a cup of coffee😉. They come every Monday. I recommend this blog to people who love movies, arts and crafts, and video games.

Well, that’s it. Sadly I forgot to browse around my other followers and follow them. So now I have to do it when I get 40 followers.

And I want to thank every follower, liked, and commenter who made this post happen. I’ve never had this many followers on any of my blogs, so I thank you for making this happen.

One of my classmates has a blog

​Because a friend of mine in class has a blog too.

And, she being a fan of Animal Jam, has made it an animal jam blog!

If you want to check it out, go to this link: The Jammers

Please check it out, because everytime I tell someone to check out somebody’s blog, they never seem to like any of the blogs I tell them about. If I was making a post about telling everyone to go to your blog, how would you feel if nobody checked the link?

She is a friend of mine at school, and I would really like it of you check out her blog, like, comment, and even follow. She hasn’t blogged since May 2017, but it’s still a really cool blog. It’s about this computer game called Animal Jam. Look it up.

Enjoy her blog.