Book review: the Fellowship of the ring by J. R. R. Tolkien



“Filled with marvels and strange terrors… an extraordinary, distinguished piece of work.”

-New York Herald Tribute

“For anyone who likes the genre to which it belongs, the Heroic quest, I cannot imagine a more wonderful Christmas present… No fiction I have read in the last five years has given me more joy than the Fellowship of the ring”

-W. H. Auden, The new York Times Book Reviews

“Brilliant in its telling as it is broad in its scope… An exciting good book, and far more than Fantasy to us, who have come into possession of the Great Ring of Power, and have turned back one assault of the shadow only to see it, as Gandalf warned, ‘take another shape and grow again.’ “

What’s the book about:

The dark fearsome Ringwraiths are searching fora Hobbit. Frodo Baggins knows that they are seeking him and the ring he bears – the ring of power that will enable evil Sauron to destroy all that is good in Middle-earth. Now it is up to to Frodo and his faithful servant, Sam, with a small band of companions, to carry the ring to the one place it can be destroyed: Mount Doom, in the very center of Sauron’s realm. This begins J. R. R. Tolkien’s classic the Lord of the rings, which continues in The two towers and the return of the king.

What I think of the book:

One day, Since I had been very good at a place, just sitting down and reading Percy Jackson: sea of monsters ( which is a really good book, by the way), my parents said they would buy anything about $15.00 or under. At the time I been wanting to watch the Lord of the rings trilogy, and I’ve also been wanting to read the books too, so I chose a Lord of the rings/the hobbit boxed set. It was over $15.00, like About $18.00, but my parents got it for me anyway for me, because they love me. On the day it came, I finished Percy Jackson book: Sea of Monsters (which, by the way, was a really good book), and walked out dog for the first time (wasn’t a good one). I began with the hobbit, but after a couple of chapters, I got kind of bored, and decided to read the fellowship of the ring. To tell the truth, the Lord of the rings trilogy was what I actually wanted to read. But then I went back to the hobbit, and weeks later, I went back to fellowship of the ring, but then after a couple of Pages, I went back to the hobbit, and then a couple days later, I finished it. Luckily, I also had The Lord of the rings with me as well as The hobbit, so after I finished the Hobbit, I immediately began reading where I left off in the Lord of the rings. I thought it was definitely a bit darker. My favorite characters were Tom Bombadil, Gandalf the grey, and Legolas in this book. There were many differences in Tue book and movie. Most of the the stuff Boromir said in the movie at the council of Elrond were when he went all crazy and tried to take the ring from Frodo in the book. And Boromir doesn’t even die until The two towers. But in my opinion, the book was an excellent read. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Fantasy and adventure.

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Faith, personal, swim team – what else?


In my second post, I talked about stuff I would blog about here on Andy Pines. But right after I published that post, I had thought of a bunch of other stuff I could blog about.

So to much this post short, I’m going to blog about whatever I want, but the ideas on the second post is what I’ll generally blog about.


Comparing a classic book to the story of Jesus


​You’ve all heard of or read the the 2nd book in the chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, Whitch, and the wardrobe. Some of you have watched the movie. Either it’s the classic one made from Disney, or the really old version of the book that literally shows that the animals are played by humans, or just the book, everybody has heard of the book. But some people probably don’t know this:

The book is based on a story from the Bible.

And best part, the story is the story of jesus!

It makes since, though. Aslan is Jesus, the stone table resembles the cross, Jadis (the witch) is Satan (in the form of a female), and when Jadis (satan) killed Aslan (Jesus) on the stone table (The cross), it resembled Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, so he could save us.

And when Aslan (Jesus) came back from the dead, it resembled when Jesus resurrected from the dead. And Susan and Emily Pevensie went to see Aslan at the stone table but found the stone table split in two, without Aslan on it, it resembled The women who went to see Jesus in his tomb, but found the boulder covering the entrance to the tomb moved and Jesus’ body nowhere to be seen (Although I’m pretty sure there was more than 2 women that went to see Jesus).

That’s all I can make out of the book, but this probably shows that C. S. Lewis was a Christian, bringing the story of jesus and how he died for our sins into a story of entertainment.

Another story in disguise?

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Emoji post – decipher it!


👦 am going to 🏊‍♀️ team. Do you to 🏊‍♀️ too? favorite stroke to is the 🏊‍♀️. 👦 am 😄 for the 🏊‍♀️ meet.

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Thankfully I found a replacement for the shifu GIF.

What do I blog about here?


“​That’s why I created this blog. To post a bunch of crazy Ideas.”

That’s what it said on my first post. But what does it mean? It says, to post a bunch of crazy Ideas, but if you read the notes, what I mean is “to post a bunch funny Ideas*.” But, come on; one joke you find insulting, and you’re out of here.

Which is why I decided to explain what you might find on this blog. Get ready, because not all of this stuff will seem crazy.

Have you ever heard of this wordpress blog called, The every day epic? Well, then, check the link.

So like, if I notice something interesting, then it’s going on my blog. Her latest post, The Play house, shows that she is noticing something, and talking about it. I hope that I can find something interesting and put it in awesome detail on this blog.

I will also blog about my faith*** (Hallelujah, Christ!). From that statement, you could probably tell that I am a Christian. If you’re not a Christian, then don’t worry, this blog is like a delicious plate of dinner (🍖🍕🍝🍎🍔🍳) mmmh, that looks delicious. Anyway, sometimes, your parents make stuff that you don’t like. But that’s okay, there is still parts of the meal you like, and you will gladly like. You don’t have to read my faith posts. There is so much other awesome you could read. But if you’re not a Christian, but you want to see what all the fuss is about, then there’s nothing wrong with trying new stuff.

I will also blog about my personal life. Well, not TOO personal; actually, I need to talk to my parents on what’s alright to blog about on my blog. I’ll talk to my dad about it on my way to Swim team.

Speaking of which, I will also blog about my swim team (go, Ozark tiger sharks!) and swimming. I like swimming, but I never imagined that I’d join a swim team. It’s actually very fun, and you might enjoy it. I will also blog Basketball and sports that I like. Also, please be aware that while I like sports, I’m not actually the team type. But hey, I like Swim team, so it can’t be too bad, right?

So, that’s it, that’s pretty much what I’ll generally blog about. Is there anything related to any of these things that you want to tell me about? Please tell me in the comments section down below if you are on my site, or click the comment button, if you are on my reader. If you liked this post, please press the like button if you are on my site, or click the star button, if you’re on the reader.
Sadly, the shifu gif, is not going to work, so I’m still thinking up something that will be funny.

* An Emoji post is in the works. Can you decipher it?

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The hardships of blogging


When you create a blog, and your first post is introducing yourself to the internet, and explaining about your blog, it can be pretty hard. You try to find the right words, because you don’t want to embarrass yourself to a lot of other bloggers and viewers.

I should know.

 This is my eleventh (11) blog. I know what you’re thinking; no you don’t. Actually, I do. Check out my wordpress profile if you don’t believe me.

 Blogging is a hobby of mine. A big hobby. When I’m not on my blog, I could sometimes be thinking about my blog; how to design my blog, making the posts, and finding the right time to blog.* And the hardest part of making a post for me, is making one that could get you a lot of comments, likes, and people who want to follow you.

 Making a really good post is hard, and not a lot of people are going to like your opinions and Ideas you post. But today, I thought of something. The opinions and Ideas you put on your posts are yours, and nobody has to listen to them. Well, I already knew that, but never compared it to my blogs.

That’s why I created this blog. To post a bunch of crazy Ideas.

I hope I know what you’re thinking now. No, you’re not. Seriously? I just said that your opinions and Ideas are yours, and nobody has to listen to them, and you don’t think I’m going to post about every crazy thing that pops into my head*? Oh my gosh. If you don’t think so, then follow my blog, and you’ll get a bunch of crazy Ideas coming from here.

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Usually I would end posts with that sentence up there 🔝, but for the posts I make on here, I won’t. I will end them with a gif of Master shift doing the dramatic exit. 

Right now I don’t have one yet, but when I have one downloaded, I will do it for the rest of my posts.


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** please note when I mean crazy stuff, I’m hoping these posts make you laugh. Uncontrollably.